Those Damn Commies

Annunciation, 1993

schoolgirls intrigued by the way their shadows create sounds (by picking up radio frequencies according to the size of the shadow)…Frequency And Volume : Relational Architecture 9. 

hate swimming but I luv the pool
"he realized that death would be a crown upon his age and absolve him from his labors. He walked into the tatters of flame, but they did nothing to his flesh—they caressed him, bathed him without heat and without combustion. With relief, with humiliation, with terror, he realized that he, too, was but appearance, that another man was dreaming him."
-Borges, The Circular Ruins


i’m messing around on newhive learning all the buttons 

Karin Kneffel

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Elspeth Diederix - 1998

Mir Leah